PlayStation focuses on mobile, acquired by Savage Game Studios

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Since when PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series X are on the market we have seen Sony e Microsoft fight each other with acquisitions of new manufacturers that could have increased the exclusive stock of their respective consoles. This time the attack fell to Sony which recently announced on its own PlayStation Blog the recent acquisition of Savage Game Studios, one of the largest companies to deal with the mobile market.
È Hermen Hulst, producer of Horizon Zero Dawn, to describe on the PlayStation Blog Savage Game Studios as one of the most talented companies in the mobile market, innovative and without fear of experimenting is the perfect company for the community PlayStation. After a series of compliments we see Hulst pass the word to Michail Katkoff, CEO and co-founder of Savage, who will present the other co-founders of the company and the objectives of the latter.

After letting us know Nadjim Adjir e Michael McManus, the two Savage co-founders, Katkoff tells how Savage Game Studios was born in 2020 and has produced some of the biggest IPs in the mobile market, also reveals their initial intention to remain a small independent company, in order to be able to develop games originals without hindrance from above. However, it is in the PlayStation community that the company seems to have found a large safe haven where it is convinced that it can develop in full freedom even if it is employed by a large company. Thanks to Savage, Sony will certainly have the opportunity to see the PlayStation title park on mobile and we just have to wait to find out what these succulent news will be.

Source: PlayStation.Blog Via: Twitter
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