"PlayStation Game Pass" with many classics? Soon the reveal, for a report

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New information would have just been shared by the insider Jeff grubb during an interview on the Grubbsnax show, and would concern the alleged reveal of the PlayStation Game Pass.

The insider said, during a big interview that also revealed the possible realization, by Microsoft, of Fallout New Vegas 2:

[Sony] is probably getting quite close to the actual launch [of the PlayStation Game Pass]. I believe something will happen by the end of this month, and I don't think that means anything will be announced publicly, but it could also be in terms of an internal milestone on how to run the service.

According to Grubb, Spartacus (this is the code name of the service) will be divided into 3 levels, as already rumored in some rumors, with different contents and dedicated rates, and the price should be around $ 16 per month for the most expensive full service.

Right now the 3 levels are called Basic, Extra and Premium. The price could be a placeholder, and it would be $ 10 a month for the basic tier, $ 13 a month for the Extra tier, and $ 16 a month for the Premium tier.


Grubb added that the service will have many classics and interesting content for subscribers. Depending on the level chosen, players will have a different catalog available, and the insider talked about it:

For the Premium service at $ 16 per month… will full games be received? Actually no, the service will be a bit like EA Play. Players will get full game trials. I don't know yet if this will happen for every single game coming out, but it seems so.

Classic games and the streaming service will also be available to subscribers. Neither of the other two levels will have included streaming in the cloud, and there will be many classic games. I don't know exactly what which slice the classic games will cover in this service, but I know that in the Premium tier they will be important. In summary, therefore, there will be game tests, classic games and streaming service.

For the Extra level, you'll get a downloadable game catalog including every downloadable title on PS Now. We are talking about something like 250 or 300 games. So you don't get streaming [like in the Premium service] but there are as many as 300 downloadable games.

The Base level can be compared to a PS Plus with monthly games. What are the prices for annual passes? I don't know, I haven't heard anything about it.

As reported by Bloomberg and already known, the PlayStation Game Pass has so far been codenamed Spartacus and will combine the services PlayStation Plus e PlayStation Now, then absorbing the latter. Also according to Bloomberg, the launch of the service is scheduled for spring 2022, and 3 levels of subscription will be available.

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