PlayStation Plus: FIFA 22 among the new free games of May 2022

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Among the free games of May 2022 available with the PlayStation Plus, there is also FIFA 22. Yes, the leak turned out to be correct and the sports title of Electronic Arts will be available for free to Sony PlayStation online service subscribers.

With a previous article we reported that Billbil-kun anticipated the three PlayStation Plus titles now confirmed for arrival among the free games of may 2022, among which there is FIFA 22. What titles will be available for download?

  • FIFA 22 coins (PlayStation 5 e PlayStation 4)
  • Curse of the dead gods (Playstation 4)
  • Tribes of midgard (PlayStation 5 e PlayStation 4)

FIFA 22 needs no introduction, it is one of the most popular and played sports titles in the world made by EA SPORTS and published by Electronic Arts.

Curse of the Gods, on the other hand, is a title released in 2021 and is an action game with an isometric view. Basically it is a roguelike that will give you increasingly difficult challenges. The title has two main characteristics: lightning-fast fights and a system of "curses", not to mention that you will have plenty of weapons on your side to use.

The latest title is Tribes of Midgard, this one also has the isometric view, but it's an action RPG. Made to be played in co-op, this new title is set in a dangerous world and enemies as huge as they are mysterious. The story tells of Ragnarok, one of the most important and apocalyptic moments of Norse mythology, which will also be one of the main nuclei of God of War 2.

To get your hands on these titles, all you have to do is wait until the second week of May 2022, so you can download them and keep them always with you, provided you remain a PlayStation Plus subscriber, a service that is about to have huge changes. Yes, there will be various tiers of prices and it seems that the titles of the very first PlayStation are about to return, with our article you can learn more about the news.

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