PlayStation Plus: "Game Pass" revolution in February? A clue pops up

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After years of observing the Game Pass which was gradually expanding more and more, we could finally be at an important turning point also in the Sony house, which according to various rumors is working in great secret to transform its PlayStation Plus in a service similar to that seen at home Microsoft.

More specifically, as you probably know, the new games that will be offered in February to all subscribers to the service have recently been unveiled. PlayStation Plus. Nothing new, in short, were it not for a small detail that immediately sparked the theories of fans.

As you can read in the well-known graphics prepared to announce the titles of the Plus, a specific wording has been changed, from a more direct "For PlayStation Plus members only" to at least curious "Available this month at no additional cost".

Considering the various rumors that have emerged relating to the so-called Spartacus project, which should be precisely the answer of Sony al Game Pass, or a monthly subscription at various price ranges designed to combine PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now together, along with some additional services, many have interpreted this small change as a first sign ofimpending arrival of Spartacus.

Sony changed the text on the Playstation Plus promo image for next month.

Interesting. ?

— Okami Games (@Okami13_) January 27, 2022

The idea that many users have made is therefore that, once subscribed to this elusive service, you will be able to get additional extra games every month - following the exact same style seen with the classic PlayStation Plus - without the need to pay an additional expense, news that could be tempting to many if the games offered turn out to be sufficiently recent.

That said, we would like to remind you that for the moment Sony has not yet released any official statement about it, so we invite you to take everything with due precautions. In the absence of certain evidence, everything that revolves behind the Spartacus project in short, it should be seen as a mere rumor.

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