PlayStation Plus: November 2022 games leaked

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And like every month for more than a year now, the user billbil-kun of Dealabs has leaked the free titles present in the PlayStation Plus subscription. According to the leaker, the games will be Nioh 2, Lego harry potter collection e Heavenly Bodies.

The first needs a few introductions, it is thehack and slash on Team Ninja we talked about in this review. The second is the collection of all Lego Harry Potter games, which will allow you to relive all seven school years of Hogwarts with the classic humor that the Danish company has accustomed us to, perfect to be played with the whole family, and that we have covered in this article. In the end Heavenly Bodies, where i players will be able to become astronauts and take over the management of the most complex space station ever.

All three games very positively reviewed by critics and the public, in short, if the leak turns out to be true, and basically those of billbil-kun are, it would be a month not to be missed. We also remember that now the subscription is divided into 3 distinct tears, the Premium, the Extra and the Essential, each with its cost, and although these three games are particularly greedy, they are already present in the first of the 3 services.

Source: Dealabs Via: VGC
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