PlayStation: rumor anticipates an exclusive stealth "between Splinter Cell and MGS5"

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According to the Twitter user Tidux, PlayStation Studios is currently working on a new open world stealth similar to MGS5 and Splinter Cell, the details of which have not yet been revealed. The user then continues, suggesting that the work could be revealed very soon.

After the recent further expansion of the studies, now comes a rumor regarding a new project that seems to have had official approval, which would combine the mechanics already seen within Metal Gear Solid V and Splinter Cell. The user highlights how it will be possible to decide whether to face the missions in stealth mode or by charging.

Also, continuing his tweet, reveals that he cannot share any other information so as not to spoil the surprise regarding the reveal, which apparently could be much closer than we think. Indeed, by leaving a space, he continues that he cannot reveal information for the moment.

Sony does not currently have any live events planned, even if the news of a State of Play or a similar live could soon arrive, during which this new and hypothetical game could be presented. At the moment the title is not even known, which apparently could reveal the surprise for all users.

As I don’t want to ruin the reveal I can’t share more details.


— Tidux (@Tidux) January 2, 2022

According to the little information present this new title is a new IP, intellectual property, which could therefore be a new chapter within a saga or something completely new. At the moment the same author of the post has not released further information or advances, leaving high expectations for everyone.

It therefore seems that PlayStation Studios is preparing to reveal a title similar to MGS5 or Splinter Cell, which will most likely come out over the next few years and whose name is unknown. We just have to wait for official information from the Japanese company, which will most likely not be long in coming.

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