PlayStation Spartacus: the "new Game Pass" suggested by a clue

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The rumors of a possible new service of Sony for its consoles, have been following each other for a while, more specifically of something similar toXbox Game Pass from Microsoft. Yes, because the latter turned out to be literally a "killer app" for the platforms of the Redmond house, and the Japanese giant to remain on the crest of the wave also in the digital and online sector with its subscriptions, must necessarily stay at the step. Let the way be - codenamed - playstation spartacus?

Despite nothing has been announced, in the last few hours, however, another clue has popped up, something that would suggest that Sony is "getting its hands" somewhere, referring to user subscriptions. In fact, on the Neogaf forum, some of these have reported having had problems and / or encountered bugs with their PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now subscriptions.

Some of these for example have seen their subscriptions be exchanged, others have seen it duplicate in the management section of their subscriptions (one user even had the PS Plus in the list twice, and the PS Now zero times, despite being a regular subscriber). Could this be a symptom of technical changes already taking place regarding subscriptions? If so, there is even the possibility that the two PlayStation services merge into one, Spartacus in fact.

Recall that it is only about rumors, and to take that information with a grain of salt, as all of these could turn out to be simply bugs.

Let's clarify that Sony never said they were at work on something like this, precisely for this reason we talked about rumors, however in recent times these have become more insistent, so much so as to "bother" even Jason Schreier, according to whom the acquisition of Bungie would be a move dedicated to this new service. Other rumors, on the other hand, spoke of a possible reveal very soon.

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