PlayStation Studios: Death Stranding enters the banner, acquisition in sight?

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Hideo Kojima worked closely with PlayStation since he left Konami after the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain in 2015. After the public separation, Sony released his first indie game, namely Death Stranding. In the last few hours, PlayStation Studios has included a game by Hideo Kojima in its promotional banner, suggesting that Kojima Productions may be the new team that Sony will acquire in the future.

After the separation with Konami, Sony has supported Kojima in several projects, including the beloved Death Stranding. In the last few hours, a user on ResetEra noticed that Sony would updated the PlayStation Studios banner by removing the Concrete Genie game and replacing it with Death Stranding.

Avid fans have considered this change noteworthy as Death Stranding is the only game in the line-up not made by a Sony-owned studio. The company, in fact, officially owns Death Stranding as an IP, so it is very likely that this is the reason why it was included, but several enthusiasts hope that this event leads Sony to purchase Kojima Productions.

In recent months, there have been numerous rumors about a large Sony acquisition on the horizon but, at the moment, nothing concrete has yet occurred. However, Hideo Kojima and his team of Kojima Productions are moving into new offices, and therefore this could represent an indicative signal.

Currently, Kojima he would be working on several projects, including a title for VR (we talked about it in this article), but nothing has been confirmed yet.

In any case, we remind you that they are just speculations and, therefore, such information is placed in the category of rumor. We remind you that on our site you can find the updated card of Death Stranding for all the information, and also the card of the versione Director’s Cut.

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