PlayStation VR 2: present the potential of the new viewer

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The PlayStation VR 2 was officially unveiled some time ago, but if before you could only see the shape and the controllers, now is the time to deepen the potential of the viewer. And Sony PlayStation wanted to give us more information on what awaits you.

According to Sony, the new PlayStation VR 2 is the new generation for virtual reality, in fact, it will be possible to play in 4K HDR and the controllers are really special, which make everything full of potential. Still with regards to the fluidity of the screen, the viewer will catch up 120 frames per second and both screens will be OLED with a 2000 x 2040 resolution, which is four times better than the first PlayStation VR.

The field of view will also be better, in fact it reaches 110 degrees, and wheels have been inserted that will adjust the distance between the lenses and your eyes, so you can always have an optimal image. Last but not least, the headset features an air vent that will prevent fogging and give you much more comfort during your gaming sessions.

One of the most interesting news on the official PlayStation VR 2 blog post is definitely the eye movement control. In other words, the system will detect the movement of the eyes, so that you have a higher resolution at the exact point where you are looking.

While as regards the audio aspect, you will have the Tempest 3D AudioTech, already known on the PlayStation 5 and that will guarantee a level of immersion never "felt" before.

The controllers have a ball design that will give you access to a lot of freedom of movement and a very realistic gaming experience through the ergonomic and well balanced design. There will be both buttons and levers, so as to make everything simple, but the PlayStation VR 2 will also reveal the movements, so as to make everything natural. Also in this case we will see two features already known to PlayStation 5 players: haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

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