PlayStation VR 2: Sony reveals the exit window

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Sony confirmed when the PlayStation VR 2 comes out, and it seems that the "next-gen virtual reality" is not as far away as many imagined. That's because Sony's new VR entertainment system is coming at the beginning of the 2023, even if the company did not want to give a precise release date.

The news comes from the official Twitter account of PlayStation, where you can see a photo of the PlayStation VR 2 and a sentence that leaves no room for interpretation: "Coming early 2023", arriving at the beginning of 2023. Most likely this does not mean that the virtual reality headset will arrive in the first month of 2023, but certainly within the first six months of the new year.

Coming early 2023. #PSVR2

— PlayStation UK (@PlayStationUK) August 22, 2022

In addition, PlayStation will now begin to give us more information about the games that will be available for the new platform. It will be really interesting to find out how they will take advantage of the features of the new PlayStation VR 2, which on paper seems to be much more comfortable than its predecessor. But for now we just have to wait for the official release date, especially the news regarding the games that will come out. If you want to learn more about the new potential of the PlayStation VR 2, we recommend that you read our article. So you can imagine it or not in your gaming setup.

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