PlayStation VR2 is reality, the first photos revealed

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After its existence has been revealed in recent months, we can finally see the Playstation VR2, Sony's new virtual reality headset, with its photos. In addition to the appearance, some interesting details of the new peripheral were also revealed.

There has been a lot of focus on ergonomics e comfort, one of the flaws of the first version: the head band is adjustable, as well as the lens, which now features a new dial adjustment. The jack is in the same spot as the first PS VR.

Also important is that this new device turns out much lighter and versatile, fine. And again, it features a new integrated engine, and a fan that helps prevent lens fogging.

We also do not underestimate the resolution of one of the biggest problems that plagued the first model: the cables, which with the PlayStation VR 2 have been “summed up” with a single set up.

First look at the PSVR 2 headset

— Nibel (@Nibellion) February 22, 2022

Also important to note i new controllers attached, with a much more ergonomic and functional design, which therefore most likely see the aging PlayStation Move abandoned. These are the brand new PS VR2 Sense Controllers, also like the black and white viewer of the PlayStation 5, and which with their rounded shape are reminiscent of the VR controllers of other famous companies.

Another of the little things that was shared (even if not seen in the photos), concerns the symbols of PlayStation, which as have been incorporated repeatedly throughout the PlayStation 5 design, have also been included in the front and rear fascias of the PlayStation VR2.

Among the features of the new viewer that want to be among the flagship ones, there are an incredible fidelity and quality for the view in 4K HDR, for an enhanced tracking, and a "deep sense of immersion".

Recall that together with the viewer, a very important title has also been announced that we will see coming for the new peripheral: Horizon Call of the Mountain.

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