PlayStation VR2: UI officially shown

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Il Playstation VR2 was recently investigated on the PlayStation Blog official, who with a new article gave us photos of what users will see with the new devices, thanks to an in-depth study on the user interface of the device.

Fortunately, there is no lack of details about the PlayStation VR2 that from time to time show up with Sony who is not that much communicating details about the device, but who has finally had the opportunity to better understand everything, with the photos that you can admire below that show various details about the jewel in question.


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Playstation VR2


Playstation VR2


Playstation VR2

The photos in question at the moment unfortunately reveal a series of not particularly thick news, given that the PlayStation VR2 has not yet shown itself in operation, and consequently many details are still missing regarding its potential, hoping to have to deal with some insights within not too long.

What we do know is that for sure we will have to deal with a new generation experience, with the user interface that undoubtedly recalls what we saw with PlayStation 5, which underlines how everything will certainly be renewed compared to the past.

Fonte: PlayStation Blog
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