Pokémon GO: discovered a trading glitch, Niantic takes action

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The trade function in Pokémon GO has been temporarily blocked by Niantic, so millions of players currently won't be able to use them. The cause is to be found in a glitch that, apparently, caused the Pokémon involved to all become "Lucky". The company's announcement of the feature lock came today, and it appears to be taking steps to fix it.

Ninantic was deliberately vague about the cause, but to push her to block everything - despite being one of the fundamental functions of her game - was a post on Reddt where a player demonstrated how he had received as many as 100 lucky pokémon doing trades with a friend.

If life only gives you lemons, it's okay to make a nice lemonade, and clearly many users have decided to follow suit, as lucky Pokemon have better stats and require fewer resources to grow. In short, a godsend for players who aim to build a competitive team.

We do not know if any action will be taken against those who have exploited the glitch, but so far it seems unlikely, since it was nothing "illegal". We will probably have more news in the last few days, when the problem will be solved and the exchanges in Pokémon GO restored.


While the players wait, there are some developers trying to bring more and more Pokémon-like products to the world, or even there are those who - perhaps in boredom - invent some decidedly bizarre titles, such as the independent developer who in recent days has made public that he is developing an FPS title where the aim will be literally riddling the poor monsters with gunshots.

Finally, we remind you that the new one will be released to the public in just a week Arceus Pokémon Legends, a title that will make us experience a new Pokémon-themed adventure in a totally different way than usual.

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