Pokémon Legends: Arceus - Guide to finding the 28 Unown

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Joys and sorrows of all the coaches, here we are facing a "new" poké-challenge: well, being a new title on the monsters of the Nintendo, Pokémon Legends: Arceus specifically, the 28 could not be missing Unown raging since the second generation. Here no exception, to complete the alphabet in fact you will be forced to travel far and wide and capture monsters in specific places in the game. The game will not give you discounts and will often hide the precious monster-letters in bushes and moving elements that you will not immediately notice. Also you will not have to fight with the Pokémon but to capture it with different poké balls. Finally, to have them all, you must have already unlocked all Pokémon of the poképass.

  • Go to the Vermilion Marsh in the Diamond Field and search behind the top of one of the tents.
  • On the Costa Oltremare, on the Mangiafuoco island attached to the central mountain of the island. From the beach fly to the indicated point and look at the rocky ridge. There is also a Ninetales Alpha in front. You will need a Feather Ball to get it.
  • Pendici Corona, above one of the ruined columns of the Piazza Preghiera area. In the second ruined area on the right, after the difference in height.
  • In the upper part of the “Golden Lowlands” of the Vermilion Marshes, look at the area to the left of the river above the campo. You will find it resting on a stump near a bonfire. In the photo of the map it is in the point where there is the symbol of the bunch of grapes.
  • In the Obsidian Wasteland, on the tree of the small island in the Bosco Ostico area.
  • On the Corona slopes, in the area called Cava degli Antichi. Look at the black rock pattern south of the mud puddles. There is also a Godra ALPHA hanging around in front of it.
  • In the Obsidian Wasteland, on the top of the Obsidian Waterfall attached to the left of the rock from which the water comes out.
  • In Villagio Giubilio, on the external sign of the entrance from the beach.
  • In the Obsidian Wasteland, behind the cave in the center of Lake Verità.
  • On the Corona Slopes inside the Quarry of the Ancients, attached between two stone blocks at the top. You will need to use a Feather Ball to catch it or climb it.
  • In the Vermilion Marsh, on the heap of black rocks of the Misty Ruins overlooking the Diamond Glade.
  • On the Corona slopes, in the dark cave of history (Grotta Labirinto). From the inner pond, go left, then break the boulder and look at the far left wall.
  • In the small horseshoe-shaped area (on the map) under the muddy plateau of the Vermilion Marshes. Look in the trunk.
  • On the right side of the right horn in front of the Hand of Sand in the Costa Oltremare.
  • On the White Ice, in the ice cave with Froslass Alpha. Find the hole to enter the Avalanche Slope area. Look up on the frozen pylon at the far left.
  • On the Corona slopes, among the purple flowers of the Fonte Folletto.
  • On the Costa Oltremare, on the tree, near the entrance to the cave at the top of the Fonte Trail.
  • On the Costa Oltremare, attached high up between the rocks of the forked promontory overlooking the sea towards the Rifugio del Pescatore.
  • In the Obsidian Land, between the wood of the Bidoof dam in the Diga della Foce area.
  • On the White Ice, on one of the lowest ice spikes visible from the place where you got food for Avalugg during the story (Blocks of Avalugg).
  • On the White Ice, you will find an Unown behind the giant statue at the top of the waterfall in the Spirit Rock area.
  • In the Vermilion Marsh, hanging from a tree that emerges from the mud of the Purple Swamp.
  • At the Giubilio Village, behind the left Magikarp above the roof of the Galassia Headquarters.
  • In the Obsidian Rift, on an upper branch of the large tree in the center of the Colossus Arena.
  • On the White Ice, in the area called the Tuttogelo Waterfall. In the middle of the frozen waterfall.
  • In the Costa Oltremare, attached to the mast of the wreck of the first ship of the Ghost.
  • On the White Ice, hanging from a tree near the lake behind the Iceberg Arena.
  • At Giubilio Village, an Unown will be hung in the window behind the protagonist's house.

To have visual clues on where to find all the Unown, we propose below the video of the Youtube channel of Osiris, which we thank:

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