Pokémon: soon the start of the world championships

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We have known this for a while, but remember this August 18th will officially start i Pokémon world championships. The tournament is about all the games currently active by The Pokémon Company, and every single league will come shown in live on the respective channels Twitch of the participating games. We could then see them here:

  • Pokémon video game league channel
  • Pokémon TCG League Channel
  • Pokkén Tournament DX Championship Channel
  • Pokémon GO League Channel
  • Pokémon UNITE league channel

All games have their own internal system for deciding which players are invited to participate. The main and card games use a Championship Point system, so-called CP. These CPs are awarded to the players participating in particular PVP events throughout the year, and the number of points needed to be invited to the championships varies by game, region and even age group.

For other games, like Pokémon GO e Pokkén Tournament DX, there will be more classic ones qualifying rounds, while Pokemon Unite it works completely diverse, as the game works in teams.

Even the best players of all bands receive as a prize the official invitation to participate in the tournament directly in London. While the best of the best will be able to skip the first day of the tournament, directly entering the second.

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