Pokémon Unite - Guide to points, goals and delivery

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In Pokemon Unite, the new moba title created by the collaboration of The Pokémon Company e Tencent Games, the points are extremely important during the matches because they will be the ones that will allow you to win the game. We will try to be as precise as possible about it to make everything very clear to you, so here is our Pokémon Unite themed guide on how to get points, score goals, and lead your team to victory.

Here is the guide to the points of Pokémon Unite ...

Let's start with order, there are various ways to get points, which in the game are represented by special pokéballs:

  • Defeat wild pokémon: like any self-respecting moba, even in Pokémon Unite the farm is important. Here it is represented by pokémon that are free in the lanes, or by those waiting in their lairs in the central area. Each pokémon will donate a certain number of points which is shown above its head, and which will vary as you progress through the game. Normally basic pokémon give 3 to 5 points, while i boss 30, but they will also be harder to beat.
  • Defeat an opponent pokémon: even the opposing pokémon donate points when defeated, especially if they had accumulated them without spending.
  • Collect points dropped by opponents: if an opponent has accumulated points and is defeated by you or your ally before you can score a goal, he will drop a part of them to the ground, ready to be collected by you, even if you are not the pokémon that has it killed.

Obviously the same will also apply to you, so be careful to keep points for too long without spending them, because you will risk losing almost all of them with a single fight. Also remember that, based on your level, you can carry a different maximum number points at a time. To overcome this you will have to score goals in the appropriate areas, so as to free yourself and increase the overall score of your team.

… And the goal one

In Pokémon Unite to score a goal and score points you will have to go to one of the goal areas. These will be 4 per team, 2 on the upper wool and 2 on the lower one, with more an additional one next to the opponent's base. The latter will be special because, unlike the other 4, it will not be destroyed if a certain number of points are reached, and it will be unlocked only after defeating Zapdos, the legendary pokémon that will appear only at the stroke of the last 2 minutes of the game.

Scoring is also a way to earn experience points and get some cooldown for your Unite move. Be careful when you hand over points because, although in thefinal animation be invulnerable and recover HP, during the initial channeling any sort of damage or move will stop your action and you'll have to start over. However, if there are allies with you in the same area, the channeling speed will be greater, and therefore it will also be more difficult for opponents to interrupt.

Also remember that during the last 2 minutes of the game all the points that you will score, or that your opponents will score, will be doubled, and therefore a possible overturning of the board will also be much easier. Also pay attention to when you move between one opponent's goal zone and another because, if in your part of the map you will be speeded up, in the opponent's one. you will be very slowed down, and therefore easier prey for enemy pokémon.

And with this concludes our guide on points and goals on Pokémon Unite. If you are interested in other guides regarding the new moba of The Pokémon Company, we recommend that you also read our other articles about it, such as the guide to the bosses and the various pokémon on the map.

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