Pokémon x Kinder Great Surprise, the themed Easter eggs arrive

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Easter is approaching and Kinder Big Surprise has prepared several eggs with many surprises to please as many people as possible including, for the first time, a collaboration with the historic franchise Pokémon.

It is not the first time that Kinder Gran Sorpresa has collaborated with Nintendo to bring Easter eggs with themed surprises to the market, but Pokémon has always had a place, on the shelves of supermarkets, separate from that of the chocolate giant. In the past years, in fact, it has been Witor’s to bring the brand to Easter.

This year, however, in many chains you will be able to find Gran Surprise eggs weighing 220 grams, composed of the unmistakable blend of cocoa and Kinder milk, with surprises composed of smartphone accessories. On the wrapping it will be possible to find Pikachu, Bulbasaur e Gengar. It is not yet clear if other fantasies will be available in the card, with different Pokémon apart from the three aforementioned, but for the moment these are the protagonists of the advertisements on the stands.

The eggs are wrapped in paper and surrounded by a cardboard band with pictures of possible surprises. Those who purchase Pokémon Kinder Great Surprise Eggs will be able to find one inside, for example stand per lo smartphone, which will also act as a base for the headphones and will serve to make operations more comfortable in certain situations (for example if you want to read through the device or have your hands busy with other chores).

Or you can find in the eggs a figurine around which wrap the earphones to prevent them from knotting in an annoying way, taking a long time to untangle them before use. You will also find an accessory for hold the smartphone horizontally, very convenient for those who want to use the screen, for example, to watch videos or films.

Having "fallen" into the greedy hands of Kinder, abandoning Witor's, the Pokémon eggs this year will have a higher price than in previous years (but it will be worth it). The list price is around around € 19 but, depending on the point of purchase, there may be offers that lower the cost.

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