Procedural Starfield? It will be less so than Fallout and Skyrim

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During an interview with IGN pages, Todd Howard got to confirm that Starfield it will be partly procedural, and that consequently we can expect an experience not only done by hand. However, some strange news emerged in this regard, with in fact Howard of Bethesda who was able to confirm that it will be the game with more non-procedural contents than what has been seen so far, therefore also for what concerns sagas like that of Fallout e The Elder Scrolls, including Skyrim.

Fans had talked a lot about how the presence of over 1000 planets was somewhat ambiguous, and consequently it was strange that the title could have offered a tailor-made experience for each of these, and certainly Howard was able to confirm for side streets that not everyone will have the same quality, even if there will be a total of four big cities ready to surprise fans.

Obviously, there have not been many hints regarding further contents of the experience, which will certainly have the opportunity to propose a futuristic world based on science fiction ready to surprise fans, although to guarantee its majesty the developer has found himself having to opt in anyway. for some tricks.

The release date is approaching, and although after the postponement it has not been confirmed when the title will finally be released, we know that Bethesda currently seems to be aiming for the beginning of next year, and we will consequently receive news about it in a while.

Hoping that further development problems in this sense do not arise, and that consequently a new postponement is not confirmed, we therefore look forward to discovering what the future of this highly anticipated title will be, ready to push the developer where it has never been. arrived first.

Fonte: IGN Via: Polygon
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