Project Cars has been canceled by EA

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EA has permanently cancelled Project Cars, the car racing game developed by Slightly Mad Studios. With an internal note, the software house said that all development and investment related to the franchise will be cancelled, and the staff will be moved to the development of other projects, where possible. EA he made this decision after realizing that any future developments in the series would not bring great results.

"Decisions like this are always difficult to make, but they allow us to focus more on better projects that could create unforgettable experiences for fans," said a spokesperson for EA. “We are working on the development of other projects set in the world of racing, experiences Open World and licensed products, titles that can guarantee sociality so that we can create an online community in the future. We are working to ensure that all the people who are directly involved can be relocated to other projects. Our main objective at the moment is to accompany our workers during this transition”.

The beginning of the end for the Franchise Project Cars it can be traced back to the beginning of this year, when due to the non-renewal of car and track licenses, the first two titles in the series were removed from digital stores. All three installments of the franchise have been published since Bandai Namco, before Slightly Mad Studios was acquired by codemaster in 2019, and since then EA in 2021 as part of the acquisition of the English studio.

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