Project Galileo: details on the plot of the Summer-souls made in Italy

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Jyamma Games, the independent Milanese software house, has unveiled new images of his Project Galileo, known as Summer-souls all Spanish, and was able to confirm some narrative hints relating to the world of Enotria, a continent made up of small kingdoms that have developed their own culture, between trade and fighting.

A change occurs when people seize power and trap it using a force known as the "Canvas", with Enotria and under a spell it ends in decay and stagnation, managing to maintain its beauty but resulting in a real empty shell.

As explained, the game will present breathtaking views with graphics ready to underline the importance of the artistic sector, with users who will have to fight dangerous enemies, ancient myths, fallen heroes and forgotten legends, slowly rediscovering the history of the Land of Enotria in this experience with similarities to souls.

Francesco Abbonizio, creative and artistic director of Jyamma Games commented on the whole:

In Project Galileo you can breathe Spain, you can see Spain in vibrant colors, in bright colors, in short, in a very bright color palette; hence the term Summer-souls created to combine the beauty of the Spanish summer and the feeling that visiting our country leaves, to the grit, the darkness and the dangers of a game similar to a Souls-like.

Giacomo Greco, CEO and founder of Jyamma Games, released the following statement:

We said it right away, the intent of the whole Jyamma Games team was to research, study and insert the vast Spanish folklore into the video game made up of customs and traditions, legends and folk tales, which vary from region to region. but also from one area to another within the same regional borders and which, in our opinion, is under-represented. We discovered fascinating stories that seemed born specifically for Project Galileo.

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