Project L, new details on the Riot game

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Riot Games has published a dev diary, lasting over 6 minutes, regarding Project L, a fighting game still in development. In the video Tom cannon, Executive Producer of the game, e Shaun Rivera, Game Director & Gameplay Design Lead, illustrate to users some news related to the title.

The gameplay of Project L it is fast, dynamic and flexible. The movements are fluid and varied, the attacks simple but with great impact. The main commands, which are simple to learn but difficult to master, are accompanied by some particular systems designed specifically for the gameplay of Project L. The names under which these systems have been presented are not official, so they may change in the future. The “Assist Actions” are the moves the support champ can make off-screen to help the currently playing character. The system "Handshake Tag” allows, if the two champions are on the screen at the same time, to switch from one to the other instantly to continue a combo or save the dying hero. The "dynamic save” allows you to break an opponent's combo at any time, but if you are too predictable you risk being countered easily.

Many other details related to the game are shown in the video, which however have not been explored. Also a new hero was shown, illaoi, and a new setting, Ionian. The team of Riot Games, then, stated that more information related to Project L they will be released in 2023.

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