Project LLL, the shooter MMO set in Seoul is shown on video

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The Korean software house NCSoft has revealed that it is working on a new IP, currently known by its code name Project LLL. The studio has also released a gameplay trailer in which it shows the public a preview of the game, the combat system, weapons and the game world. This news comes shortly after the announcement of a collaboration between NCSoft e Sony for the development of a MMO and the Horizon theme.

The news was announced by NCSoft via a post on their blog, in which the project leader, Jaehyun Bae revealed what will be the features of the game, the technologies used in the development and what inspired it. “We want to create different game modes in which players can cooperate or challenge each other using all the elements at their disposal”.

Bae he stated that NCSoft wants to create a new genre completely detached from the classic Battle Royale, making the fights much more frenetic and frequent. Moreover, Project LLL will include a procedural crafting method that will actively react to player actions. The title will be a shooter MMO Open World. Players will have the chance to explore a world full of monsters, soldiers and war robots, set in Seoul, South Korea and will experience a story inspired by Blade Runner, Total Recall e The Man in the High Castle.

Fonte: NCSoft blog Via: DualShockers
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