PS5 sold on Twitter by an LA Lakers owner, but it's a scam

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The Twitter account of jeanie buss, one of the owners of the Los Angeles Lakers and of WOW Women of Wrestling, was hacked by a scammer trying to sell PS5 non-existent.

The evildoer tried to place some PlayStation 5 organizing money exchanges through Twitter direct messages, also promising to donate all proceeds to charity. The offending tweet was however promptly removed by Jeanie Buss herself as soon as she regained control of her account.

Meanwhile, a warning was issued using the official Lakers profile.

“Lakers Fans, my Twitter account has been hacked. Please do not engage with it or send any money. These are NOT legitimate offers. The Lakers will alert you when I am back in control of my account." – Jeanie Buss

— Los Angeles Lakers (@Lakers) August 2, 2022

My account was hacked. Please don't send any messages or money. These are not legitimate offers.

The issue was resolved quickly and fortunately without "victims", indeed, some Lakers fans took the ball to make fun of the scammer, sending him requests such as: "The money will be used to rebuild LeBron's hairline. ? " or joking about the team's new signings.

The lack of PS5 on the market is causing a lot of inconvenience to both Sony and buyers, and there are people who are ready to exploit this shortcoming to their advantage. This story has worked out well, but let's remember that no one is safe from these scams, not even verified Twitter users.

Source: Twitter Via: Comicbook
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