PS5 still unobtainable, Sony recovers with new PS4 stocks

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To address the global shortage of PS5, Sony would have decided to produce more PS4s than originally planned to help fill the supply gap as well keep players within the PlayStation ecosystem.

As reported by Bloomberg, some sources claim that Sony has communicated to assembly partners that plans to produce PS4 throughout 2022, despite the initial decision was to stop assembly at the end of 2021.

This strategy would add around a million PS4s to cover the lack of PS5 due to the lack of chips globally, a shortage that unfortunately is affecting the entire technological world due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The sum of one million units, however, could be changed according to the demand, but the decision of this move seems to be due to the fact that the old console uses less advanced chips, so as to be able to provide an alternative which, although not performing at its maximum, is still more than valid as well as economic.

According to a Sony employee who has decided to remain anonymous, it appears that this move gives the company more leeway when negotiating with future partners for even better production.

Sony later confirmed to Bloomberg that PS4 production would still continue throughout 2022. denying that he wanted to interrupt the assembly of his previous console, stating that it is one of the best-selling consoles of all time, as well as being a great crossover between generations.

The news on the issue ends here for today, we remind you that Spencer also questioned himself on the stock issue, if you are curious to find out the details we refer you to our dedicated news. Did you know that a new Square Enix PS5 exclusive has always been postponed due to Final Fantasy XVI? Also in this case, to find out more information, just click here.

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