PS5, the price of the console could go up

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The question concerning Sony and the sale of PS5 continues uninterruptedly, an odyssey that is gradually creating more and more confusion among consumers. In April, Sony has in Japan increased the prices of different consumer electronic products, from cameras, to home theater systems, up to headphones or Blu-ray players.

The company, as we have been used to hearing in recent months, has shed light on the issue by declaring that once again this increase is due to the lack of semiconductors, in addition to third factors which increased the cost of raw materials.

Against this increase, to the company it was asked if there is also a PlayStation 5 price increase, to cope with this market pressure:

"Regarding a potential price increase for PS5, at the moment, there is nothing specific we can share with you."

This is not a reassuring statement, especially given the fact that, according to analysts, semiconductor prices are set to rise again (and consequently also the price of the consumer goods that exploit them).

As of now, 2,4 million PS5 consoles have been shipped this year, which is less than expected, however the company continues to reassure that there are no changes in the forecast, which estimates 18 million consoles shipped by the end of the fiscal year.

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