PSVR2 may be more nowhere to be found than PlayStation 5

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Unfortunately, it has not yet been announced and already the elusive viewer PSVR2 di PlayStation 5 it could be a headache both for the company and for the users. According to some predictions of the Twitter user of Ming-Chi Kuo, it is possible that the viewer may become more unobtainable than the consoles themselves on which it should work.

Indulging in some market analysis, numerically and statistically speaking, the user in question states with certainty that he knows how many viewers will be in production initially:

My latest supply chain check suggests that the assembler and several PS VR2 component suppliers will begin mass production with approximately 1,5 million unit shipments in 2022. Sony could then bring it to market within a time frame. which includes the first quarter of 2023, depending on the title development program at the launch of the aforementioned viewer.

According to these numbers, and always statistically speaking, it is legitimate to make the necessary "accounts of the servant", as PlayStation 5 initially had one expected mass production of 6 million consoles, had to increase production to 17 million, and again the console is a mirage for the purchase by some gamers.

If there have been difficulties, and still are, in finding a brand new PlayStation 5, we do not imagine what will happen at the launch of the PSVR2, as always statistically and numerically speaking, according to these numbers there would be one viewer every ten PlayStation 5. It is therefore easy to understand that we will find ourselves in front of a phenomenon that will make all scalpers happy.

Obviously, these claims, both of the Twitter user Ming-Chi-Kuo and our mathematical calculations about it, simply remain rumors not confirmed or denied in any way by the company, however Ming-Chi Kuo has proved to be a fairly reliable source in the past. , especially in the Apple market forecast. We just have to wait to find out if once again his predictions are correct.

Waiting for the usual confirmations (or denials) it is possible (and recommended if you are passionate about the saga) to take a leap and read our article, which talks about the possible presentation of Killzone next State of Play scheduled for June 2 2022.

Source: Twitter Via: ResetEra
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