PUBG: Battlegrounds x The Boys, the official collaboration arrives

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Ah the collaborations: the beautiful ones, the strong ones that make your eyes pop out of their sockets (in this case, in the true sense of the word). In fact, we are talking about PUBG: Battlegrounds Mobile version of the famous Player Unknown Battleground which, in unsuspected times, revealed the battleroyale system to the gaming world when it was not yet "in fashion".

The famous shooter meets this time the favor of well-known characters: the Amazon TV series, The Boys will be lending their heroes (and more) as skins on the mobile game. On June 8, you will be able to take on the role of Butcher and Patriot for example.

It does not end here: in fact, to introduce these characters, in the game it will be necessary to complete a series of missions in the role of Butcher to discover the person responsible for a series of murders and once the case is solved, called "Super Spree" you will get the anti-hero clothes par excellence.

Below is the info released directly from the game change log:

In the game, a horrific string of unsolvable murders suddenly engulfs New York. The mutilated bodies of Wall Street brokers and their clients are starting to appear all over the city. The police have no clues and the city authorities are demanding answers. To complete each challenge, players must team up with The Boys characters or their gaming friends to unravel the truth. Players will collect evidence, unlock stories, and ultimately reveal the superhero behind these heinous attacks to earn Billy Butcher's Duds.

We just have to wait for the release of this new mode within the game, we also remind you that the next 3 June instead, always at the link above, the long-awaited fourth season of The Boys will be released and that for all the updates on PUBG you can refer to the page that we put you here, so that you do not miss anything.

Source: GameSpot
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