Rabbids: Party of Legends - Review, in search of the sacred texts!

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I party game, as we understand them today, they are one of the branches that most reflect the concept of "Video game" in general, a bit like it was conceived at the beginning: an experience to live alongside someone, to have fun in fast challenges, and not always extremely demanding, perhaps with even a plot - or a hint of it - to accompany the everything. Well, over the years we have seen several companies dedicate themselves to creating products that reflect this "pure" type of entertainment, including Ubisoft, who with his Rabbids has always put us in front of pleasant and light-hearted experiences. Rabbids: Party of Legends, which we analyze today in review, is the latest of these creations, available from June 30 on PS4, Xbox One, Stadia and especially Nintendo Switch (version we tested).

A long and crazy journey

Starting from legend of the Monkey King, born of a magical stone and who acquired incredible skills by shaping his destiny, our wacky Rabbids… well, they will do the same, but in their own way! Thanks to their notorious clumsiness, activate the washing machine - already - and they come teleport back in time, where the Awakened imprisons "the source of all troubles" under a magical bell, then sending the Rabbids to earth. “If you want your washing machine back, get the sacred texts back!”.

Thus begins our epic, which with the Adventure mode (a mode that will see players compete with each other or with the AI) will guide us through the legendary story of the Monkey King, but without forgetting the unexpected. Our path will be littered with challenges, trouble, betting, and short narrated parts, in a mix that besides entertaining us will be able to entertain us with comic twists which will see the Rabbids protagonists, all cheerfully contextualized (more or less, but that's the beauty of it). The other modality present is clearly the one that will see us play single challenges, the Party mode, with all that we will unlock by continuing the story and leveling up (minigames, which are over fifty, and characters which from the initial 22 will come to be well 45!).


The two modes can be undertaken by playing in pairs o individually, which in certain challenges can give rise to convenient strategies and alliances (some of the games are designed specifically to be played only in pairs, and if you have chosen the individual mode your partner will be drawn). Unfortunately, in addition to the Adventure Mode and the Party Mode, there are no others, which certainly goes a bit to clip the wings of the game on the most beautiful, with the feeling that, indeed, "Something is missing".

Minigames of all kinds!

One of the strengths of Rabbids: Party of Legends instead, as you may have already guessed from the previous paragraph of the review, it is undoubtedly the variety factor in the minigames, in addition to the divertissement that comes from every challenge. The game does not want to overdo it by looking for elements extraneous to the brand, but rather takes full advantage of its features to bring something new every time. Of course, some minigames will inevitably be similar to some we've seen in other party games (like Mario Party), but without losing that one. personality and uniqueness typical of the Rabbids. What pleased us most, was the care that was also employed in details that are usually left in the background in games of this type, such as graphic details, or the different camera angles for different games (some even unusual to tell the truth).

Switch factor

Certainly Nintendo Switch is a candidate hands down as the perfect console where to enjoy this product, especially thanks to the incredible versatility of Joy-Con baked by the Kyoto House for this type of games, as long as you have the console version equipped with a dock station. A title speed, which can also be used for a short game with friends, or which can keep us glued for the duration of the story by shooting us all the acts of the Adventure Mode in one go. Too bad only for the lack of other ways to enrich and complete the package.

Such as Mario Strikers: Battle League Football (here our review), Rabbids: Party of Legends it could turn out to be a “severed” title, given that some more modalities could increase its palatability. So why do we want to recommend it more than Nintendo's mustachioed plumber football title? Simple, because the price of Rabbids is a good 20 Euros more honest.

  • Rabbids: Party of Legends (Tested on Switch) 7.8 Final Vote

    A party game more than fun, but that would have greatly benefited from the presence of additional modes. In any case fresh, full of charisma and with the personality of the Rabbids which is always a guarantee. Suitable for both quick games and to experience the Adventure Mode in one breath. Although it is also possible to play it alone, enjoying its comedy and narrative, Rabbids: Party of Legends gives its best with other players, as required by the genre.

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