Rainbow Six Extraction arriverà al day one su Xbox Game Pass

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Through a post published very recently on Xbox Wire, Microsoft has announced the arrival of Rainbow Six Extraction on day one on the Xbox Game Pass servicemaking it available to all subscribers. The company had already announced many other titles but not yet this new chapter of the Rainbow Six saga.

The title will be officially released on January 20th, and here you can find our preview, with a lot of official arrival right inside the Xbox Game Pass service, which offers a number of free games every month. The announcement came very recently, through the official Xbox Wire site.

Initially planned under the title of Rainbow Six Quarantine, the name officially changed to Extraction in the course of 2021 and he will see us under the command of a group of soldiers engaged in fighting hordes of enemies born of a strange disease. We therefore pass from a work characterized by two opposing groups to one in which the enemy is a virus, which has infected the whole world.

At the end of last year Ubisoft had confirmed the release date scheduled for next January 20, also announcing an official lowering of the price and the possibility of having a friend play for free for the first two weeks, so as to better try the new shooter. The company had also anticipated all the contents that will be available starting from day one.

Rainbow Six Extraction operators will be joined by @XboxGamePass members on day one when the game launches January 20. Learn more: https://t.co/D4E59HmEJJ

— Xbox Wire (@XboxWire) January 5, 2022

This new chapter in the saga it is just one of the many games that Microsoft intends to bring to day one within the service, which includes a list of over 30 new games for all subscribers. In addition, Microsoft confirms that Rainbow Six Siege will also be available on the same day, for all fans who wanted to buy it.

The arrival of Rainbow Six Extraction within the Xbox Game Pass service does nothing but increase the amount of games that Microsoft will bring for free to its subscribers in the course of 2022, expanding the available library even more. Furthermore, Ubisoft itself, in a post on the official blog, announced the arrival of the Ubisoft + service on Microsoft consoles, in a future for which a date has not yet been released.

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