Rainbow Six Siege and Assassin's Creed on mobile: talk an insider

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It seems that Ubisoft intends to invest heavily in the mobile market, and that the well-known company is finally ready to bring the brands of Rainbow Six Siege, Assassin’s Creed e The Division, a really interesting move anticipated by the insider Tom Henderson.

The leaker always known for the dozens and dozens of correct advances on the videogame market has in fact recently provided the pages of Exputer with an exclusive article that allows you to have an idea about the collaboration of the developer with Tencent to carry it all forward.

Apparently, already on the day of April 6 we will see Rainbow Six Siege arrive with a trailer on screens all over the world, although there is currently not much information in this regard. The company's idea of ​​expanding the brand after the recent Extraction was now clear, and the launch for phones could really generate further fortune for the well-known game as a service.

At the moment, although there are no details regarding the debut of Rainbow Six Siege on mobile, it is obvious that it will not be a simple port, but a new version of the game designed by the developer specifically for these systems, which could therefore also embrace a distinctly different target.

As for the debut of the brand of The Division and Assassin's Creed on mobile with games in their own right, it emerged that apparently we will be able to discover further news in this sense only in the future, given that the author would be ready to work on the brand only starting from 2023.

All that remains is to see when we will finally be able to find out more about everything thanks to the work of the authors and their collaboration with Tencent, which could bring enormous fruits over time thanks to the arrival of many new Ubisoft games on mobile.

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