Razer Edge 5G, all the specifications of the new portable console

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It was announced today Razer Edge 5G, the next generation portable console, daughter of Verizon, Qualcomm and Razer. The console would mount a system Android, but unlike gaming phones it would be completely for videogame use, and, as written in the name, it would have the ability to connect to 5G, which would allow it to do turn all current streaming services. The new Snapdragon® G3X Gen 1, for an chip with integrated processor created from Qualcomm specially for playing by phone, would allow the console to do spin any game connecting to your TV, and with any controller usable from a PC.

BREAKING: @Verizon, @Razer and @Qualcomm are teaming up on the world's first 5G mobile gaming handheld—Razer Edge 5G! It will allow you to play your favorite games regardless of whether you are gaming in the cloud, on an app or streaming from your console. https://t.co/TYPw5xFyeF pic.twitter.com/F9Vg3CfABl

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From the small teaser shown on Twitter the console appears to be similar in shape to Nintendo Switch, with the screen positioned in the center and two half controllers on the sides, a system now tested by many companies and which seems to work well, even if it will have three triggers per side instead of the classics 2. That's all we know so far, for get new news we will have to wait for the Razecon, the Razer conference to be held on October 15 of this year.

All this, however, raises a doubt, considering that Verizon is a company which is in charge of providing broadband internet only in the United States, it is perhaps possible that the console will be sold exclusively in house?

Source: Official Verizon Corporate Web site Via: GizChina
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