Red Dead Redemption Remaster: only official confirmation is missing

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It seems that by the end of the year the PS3 version of the Red Dead Redemption from the PlayStation Plus (despite the renewed service only arrived yesterday). It all started with the post of Rockstar_Mag on Twitter, which highlighted how Red Dead Redemption will remain on the PS3 PlayStation Plus list until October 17, 2022. All this why?

The theory is very simple: it is not the first time that a service has removed a game in view of the arrival of the remaster: in the past we have seen PS3 games not working on the PlayStation 4 as there was a version of that game, which with PS4 / PS5 has gone down a bit due to backward compatibility. If then with Red Dead Redemption we are talking about a PS3 game loved by many and continued with Red Dead Redemption 2, the flagship title of a few years ago that redefined the genre (for better or for worse), and given the fashion of wanting to bring back old glories to new gamers, a Red Dead Redemption remaster or remake is almost a given.

That's it, the new #PlayStationPlus is available in Europe, and therefore in France. Premium players have access to PS3 games on PS5 including the first #RedDeadRedemption! The title will remain there until October 17, 2022.

— Rockstar Mag (@Rockstar_Mag) June 23, 2022

The removal of the game from the PlayStation Plus could just hint this, as well as exclude the remake from the mystery: we have seen with The Last of Us and with Mafia as the existence of original and remake (be it freer in the plot or a 1: 1 copy) is not a problem. On the other hand, there is talk of an improved version, and therefore the user would have the choice of opting for the discounted original (or on the Plus or free) or the improved version at a higher price (we talked about it well here).

However, the desire to remove the game from the services highlights the possibility of arrival of one remaster, which would certainly be undermined by the presence of the game (obviously without technical improvements, but still the same work) at a better price or in a subscription that we already pay.

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