Resident Evil 4 Remake: gameplay trailer and news at the Capcom showcase

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During the showcase that is taking place in these minutes, Capcom has finally revealed the true face of the highly anticipated Resident Evil 4 Remake, the remake of one of the most beloved chapters of the saga ever: in fact, a new game trailer, which allowed us to take a deeper look at the gameplay, and to better understand how the plot partly revised part of the game.

The fact that a remake was actually in the works was long rumored, but the information about it was very limited, and the confirmation never came until after the official announcement. The desire of the players to get their hands on the game that changed the standards of survival horror (and above all it gave a decisive twist to the Resident Evil series) it was so big that even in streets not official a remastered HD version was created.

From this new video, which you can find on the cover of the article, it is made even clearer what of the plot of the original will come repurposed, and instead what are the changes made (especially daughters of a videogame market that tends to push much more on narration and empathy).

During its first appearance, Resident Evil 4 Remake had already proved enough convincing from the point of view of the gameplay and from what we can expect, but the insights of this evening go to give further confirmation.

Now the thorniest knot remains to be solved, namely the one linked to longevity: the original game was not a short-lived title, but it was not infinite either, and as we could see with Resident Evil 3 Remake, Capcom has a very problematic relationship with the longevity of games and above all with the cuts of locations or events, so, for now, we just have to cross our fingers.

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