Resident Evil 4 Remake will have in-game purchases

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Who will play the Remake of the much acclaimed Resident Evil 4 will have the ability to make in-game purchases, and this could mean that the game could have a multiplayer mode. Resident Evil 4 Remake could turn out to be one of the best videogame releases of 2023, and fans of the series are anxiously awaiting its release, also thanks to the excellent work done with the Remakes of Resident Evil 2 e 3.

Resident Evil 4 it has been released on different devices over the years. Released way back in 2005 exclusively on GameCube, was later made available on PlayStation 2. After that, a version was released for Nintendo Wii, followed by a porter for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 e PC. The game was then made playable for users Android e iOS.

Since launch, Resident Evil 4 caused a sensation among fans, changing the style of play compared to the three previously released titles in the series, and truly revolutionized the horror genre. Now that the release date of the Remake is approaching, among the enthusiasts there are rumors about a multiplayer mode. These rumors, at the moment, have not had any confirmation, and have been fueled by the confirmation, by ESRB, that the title will include a series of in-game purchases.

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