Resident Evil 4 VR: Mercenaries among the novelties of the new update

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Resident Evil 4, developer game Capcom of historical success, has got to arrive in VR and to allow many fans to experience these adventures with their helmets, continuing to update until the debut of the Mercenaries mode.

There has been talk for some time about when this would finally be released, and luckily the company has not disappointed expectations in this regard, bringing to the field what was widely anticipated, and allowing all fans who will update their title for free on Oculus Quest 2 to live this experience, as detailed in the course of the official conference.

Thanks to the new update it is therefore possible to have fun against time while you are defeating hordes of infected with the characters of the well-known adventure, unlocking from time to time modes, skins and weapons to keep the fun going even after you have had the opportunity to conclude the main campaign, even if you want to continue to be immersed in this gloomy world thanks to Meta's helmets.

You can see the new video presentation where the Mercenaries mode for Resident Evil 4 on Oculus Quest 2 is shown in action below.

The characters confirmed for this mode are Ada Wong, HUNK, Albert Wesker and Krauser, and it should also be emphasized that by continuing to play it is possible to obtain content even in the story mode, thus making everything even more replayable and having fun raising the difficulty bar to make the experience even more fun.

As if that were not enough, with the new update, the developer has been able to integrate a feature that makes the heads of the enemies huge, thus making the experience satirical. In most chapters there is no shortage of options of this type designed to transform the gameplay from survival horror into a comic variant, and also Resident Evil 4 VR could not miss in this sense.

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