Resident Evil Code: Veronica Remake Fan Made cancellato da Capcom

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One of the titles in the series of resident evil that fans want to see return to their consoles at all costs, loudly requested for a remake and – as of now – never arrived, it is Resident Evil: Code Veronica. To make up for this shortcoming, fans were working on a fan remake of the game, which however a very short time after its release was blocked by it Capcom.

As you can see from the Official site of the game between the sources, this now contains only one dry sentence, more than eloquent: “Capcom has decided to cancel the project”. Instead, the announcement was made to fans via the Discord channel dedicated to the project, which sparked off not a little displeasure among the players, given that from what we saw the project was proceeding at full speed, e it seems that the quality of the latter was not bad at all (he also saw a demo come out).

In any case there is not much information about it, but we know that the project has been bloccato per the use of characters owned by Capcom and the brand resident evil. This isn't the first game to suffer a similar fate, but in Capcom's case there are other games and fan remakes that have avoided this legal pressure.

The hypotheses then begin to flock to the net: there is no evidence or clues and Capcom wants to make its own remake of Code Veronica, even if the thing does not seem so impossible, given the initiatives of this type undertaken in recent years. It could still be an operation related to the willingness to do so in the future, so this could be a big little clue.

The game developers have asked Capcom for clarification about the cancellation, but according to what has been said, they have not yet had a response. We will not fail to update you on the matter if there is any news on the matter.

Source: Game site Via: The Gamer
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