Resident Evil, soon the event to discover the news of the saga

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Un nuovo Resident Evil Showcase is coming and, during the event, information will be provided on news of all upcoming projects linked to the famous brand. The series is, in fact, very full-bodied, starting from video games and also expanding into films and TV shows. The universe of games alone is, then, very vast, even including spin-off, titoli multiplayer e DLC to enrich the main productions. This is a huge amount of material to keep track of, especially as far as Capcom has already announced.

The next thing to keep track of is the DLC di Resident Evil Village, which will focus on Ethan's daughter and go out to October, in about a month. However, this is not the only project in production. Capcom confirmed a new Resident Evil Showcase in October, where an update will be provided on Resident Evil 4 Remake, Resident Evil Village Gold Edition and more. It is possible that the event also contains information on Resident Evil Village for PS VR2, but this point is not yet clear.

The only sure thing is that the event was confirmed for October, but no precise date has been communicated. In any case, it is exciting to imagine that during the event the gameplay of Resident Evil 4 Remake will be shown, along with many other new features.

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