Resident Evil Village - Guide to the location of all Goats

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Resident evil village arrives today on the shelves, and among the many collectibles present inside the registered work Capcom the Goats, which we want to help you find in this guide. Let's talk about a total of 20 objects, all can be lost in the course of the adventure, as the title does not have a chapter selection system.

Just hit them with the knife to get them or shoot them, but let's see then all Resident Evil Village goat locations and how to get hold of them as you progress towards the finale.

Although there will be no spoilers on the Resident Evil Village plot, the text may contain some advances on the various locations, so continue carefully.

Here is explained in this guide where to find all the Resident Evil Village goats 



Village 1F, cemetery, is the small lighted cage that you will see once you reach the place.


Village 1F, church, look on the roof after entering the perimeter.


Village 1F, exit the church, there will be a small road on the left of the wheat fields, the goat is just above a wall a little higher than you.



Underground 1F: after escaping from the mines and back outside you will see a vineyard with crows, the Goat is in the snow on the right (listen to its sound to find it).

Dimitrescu Castle


Dimitrescu Castle B1, basement: after solving the puzzle of the statue, go down the stairs and you will have it in front of you.


Dimitrescu RF Castle, Attic: After solving the 5 bells puzzle and passing Lady Dimitrescu's portrait, climb a ladder to the attic, turn around to see it.

Second visit to the Village


Village 1F, lonely road: after meeting the first enemy go down the wooden stairs on the left of the lift bridge, it's just below.


Village 1F, old town to the west: After going under the tractor, defeat the enemy and go left. Hit the padlock near the sign indicating the loss of the owners and enter. The goat is high up, on the tile, towards the border with the other structure.


Village 1F, cemetery: go through the iron gate in the north-east of the perimeter, turn right and you will see the Goat on the ground.


Village 1F, suspension bridge: as you cross the bridge you will notice a Goat placed on another bridge, to your left.

Beneviento House


Casa Beneviento, exterior: before entering, follow the portico on the left, go down the stairs to an area with fences, you will find it beyond one of these.

Moreau area


First windmill: after operating the shutter you will go to the mill, go around the upper deck of the latter to see the Goat, near some wooden piles.


Activatable platform: running away from Moreau you will arrive in an area with 3 buttons, look back and then to the left to notice a Goat on a buoy.


Village 1F, Moreau area: after the boss fight go back to where you took the boat, you will notice that you can pass where it was flooded before. Go through the mill and turn left to see a Goat.

Fourth visit to the Village


Village 1F, Otto's mill: go to the north-east gate of the village which asks you for a key with 6 wings. Where you see the sign that wishes you good luck, turn left instead of going straight, so you will reach the mill. The goat is in an altar below.



Roccaforte, B1: in the section with the spiral stairs you will find a Goat, in the lower part before having crossed a wall.



Heisenberg Farm B2, ventilation duct: when the fan sucks you in and blocks it, turn around and walk up to the balcony with the yellow miners' blades, so as not to lose it, listen to the sound.


Heisenberg farm, Duke's elevator from B1 to B3: as the elevator moves between floors you will notice a Goat beyond the door.


Heisenberg Farm: After defeating the boss, the goat is in the room, you will enter it by a piece of the missing wall.

After the boss fight


After the cutscene you will notice some spikes in a dark corner, you will not see much but you will notice a Goat sitting in front of a statue of a woman.

Before leaving, we thank the PowerPyx channel for the video on the cover of the article, and we refer you to our total guide containing all the possible help on Resident Evil Village.

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