Resident Evil Village - Infinite Ammo Cheat Guide

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After a long wait, Resident evil village has finally arrived on the market - below you can read our review - and many gamers have already launched themselves towards this terrifying adventure. Capcom. As easily imaginable, however, the production hides several secrets and among these there is also a useful trick to obtain infinite in-game ammunition. For the occasion, we have therefore decided to make a guide to explain how to unlock the infinite ammo trick in Resident Evil Village.

Here is the guide to unlocking the infinite ammo cheat in Resident Evil Village

In total, There are 15 weapons that you can apply the infinite ammo cheat to. After completing the story mode, go to the main title menu> Bonuses> Shop and then head to the extra content section, which will only be available once the game's story is complete.

In this shop, where it will be necessary to use the CP currency that you will get in the game by completing specific challenges (the requirements of which will be made available only after finishing the game, directly from the pause menu), you will have to buy all the customizable parts of the weapon that you 'interest (2 0 3 for each gun) and all upgrades of the Gunsmith from the Duke.

This is a particularly time-consuming and costly process (for some weapons even a million CP are required), but there is actually a trick to get infinite ammo much faster. Create a manual save> Purchase all upgrades for a weapon, including its parts> Save to a different slot> Exit the main menu. The infinite ammo cheat will now be unlocked.

At this point, buy it with the CP currency, then reload your first manual save - before you bought all the upgrades for the weapon - and, despite having the gun without upgrades and with all the CP still usable, the infinite ammo cheat for that weapon will still be activated. As a last step, repeat the operation for each weapon you are interested in having infinite ammo.

With this, our guide dedicated to obtaining the cheat for infinite ammo in Resident Evil Village concludes. Hoping to have been useful, we remind you that on the pages of Game Legends you can find all the other guides dedicated to Resident Evil Village.

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