Resident Evil Village, the DLC will almost be a separate game

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At this year's Tokyo Games Show there was a lot of talk about many games, but among them it was Resident Evil VIllage thanks to new DLC coming soon. The lost DLC contains 3 main elements, the possibility of play in 3rd person, new maps and characters for Mercenaries mode, And a New story in its entirety starring Ethan's daughter Rose, called Shadows of Rose. That said, the game's developers have released several interviews, each with its own little revelations about what we can expect from these expansions. Let's go see what we know:

  • Il DLC will distance itself a bit from the main game, whereas the game director Kento Kinoshita is on his side first experience with the saga, as well as la most of the team working on expansion. We can expect to have to deal with tougher survival challenges than in the original game, with theaddition of several new monsters, a deformation of the maps and environments and a more "defensive" type of game for what will be the longest DLC ever made for the saga, we will arrive at around 4 hoursas well as the conclusion of the story of the Winters.
  • Even if the game will be in third person, the player will not be never able to see Ethan's face, a creative choice that apparently made moving the camera almost as difficult as redoing the entire game. That said, the developers have stated that the camera change won't make the game look better, it will simply offer a different experience to interested players, and who may be tempted to use it more often in the future.
  • In Mercenaries instead they will come added several monsters who will come looking for the player instead of being chased, and many more improvements driven by player criticism.
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