Return to Monkey Island announced, revealed when it comes out

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Through a trailer that appeared a few minutes ago on YouTube, LucasFilm Games has announced Return of Monkey Island, the new chapter in the hugely popular series of graphic adventures that will arrive in 2022. This is the highly anticipated sequel to The Secret of Monkey Island and Monkey Island 2, released in 1990 and 1991 respectively.

The trailer depicts a terrifying skeleton playing his violin. At one point, he is interrupted by a skull that tells him, "Ron Gilbert told me he won't make another Monkey Island until ...".

The wait is finally over and Return to Monkey Island returns eleven years after the last title of the series, when Monkey Island: Special Edition Collection, which contained the two titles of which the latter is the sequel, came to we. A nice return with great fanfare that, we are sure, will make the fans of this series happy.

Currently no other details have been disclosed regarding this title which, as mentioned, will be released this year. We do not know, for example, on which consoles it will be playable but it is possible, if not practically certain, that it will be cross-platform, exactly like the last title of the series was.

We can't wait to find out more about the characters who will be part of the cast of Return to Monkey Island and to learn something about the tramto. As mentioned, no other news was revealed other than the exit window set for 2022.

Ron Gilbert, back in 2013, had ensured that if he ever announced a new title in the famous series, he would do so on April 1st. He didn't go far, but it's not a joke, far from it. It is the wonderful reality.

We just have to wait for new news on this, perhaps recovering the edition released for the thirtieth anniversary of the famous saga released in 2020 and which contained:

  • 5 Titles inserted inside a wonderful USB stick that contains: the first original chapter The Secret of Monkey Island and the second LeChuck's Revenge; The Curse of Monkey Island; Escape from Monkey Island; Tales of Monkey Island
  • Packaging for true collectors
  • Certificate of authenticity signed by Ron Gilbert himself
  • Il Disk 22
  • Big Whoop Amusement Park Ticket
  • A statue of the protagonist of the adventures Guybrush Threepwood holding a rubber chicken on his left hand and a saber held in his right hand
  • A multilayer shadowbox
  • A behind-the-scenes book full of various curiosities and interviews
  • An 8 × 10 poster containing "The Ultimate Insult"
  • A set consisting of seven pins with all the versions of the well-known character.
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