Returnal 2 could arrive, Housemarque talks about his next game

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return it was a surprise for many players, especially for those who were unfamiliar with the qualities of the studio Housemarque, or for those who perhaps had no idea how the software house's first title of this kind would come out. A game that has attracted a large part of users and critics, and it is not long before both sides have begun to wonder if Housemarque will ever work on a hypothetical Returnal 2.

The studio has returned to talk in the last hours of the possible sequel, however the information that arrives is at the same time good and bad: if on the one hand Housemarque stated that the studio's next game won't be Returnal 2 (and who will therefore focus on creating a new IP), on the other hand all this does not mean that the sequel to the home roguelike is not somehow in the studio plans. There is therefore a possibility that Returnal 2 will arrive right after this new title, but not before.

These are the words of the study about it:

Returnal was very ambitious. We dreamed big, but we left behind a lot, a lot of ideas and a narrative system. We are very excited to take back everything we had cut and see how they would work in a whole new story, a new IP.

We had no idea how big Returnal could get, making a game for a new platform, with a new team and a new Engine, and all of this required learning new things. Now, however, we have a team that went “into the flames” and learned how to develop a game like Returnal, so we will start stronger.

If you have not already done so, we refer you to our review of Returnal, while for any information on the game or on the guides dedicated to it, we refer you to the page specifically dedicated to the title of Housemarque.

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