Returnal would be ready to land on PC too

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It seems that one of the PlayStation 5 exclusives, Returnal, is also coming to PC. To reveal it is the Steam database, showing the Housemarque game under the codename "Oregon".

SteamDB marks the possibility of the arrival of Returnal on PC, as the game has tags reminiscent of the PlayStation 5 game. For example we have: rogue-like, sci-fi, bullet hell. These three elements are enough to remember the title set in the space of Housemarque.

A source close to Videogame Chronicles shared a video that looks just like Returnal on the mouse and keyboard platform, so that's a really strong possibility that the PlayStation game is ready to arrive on PC too. Furthermore, it must be considered that in recent years there have been many exclusive games that have also arrived on the mouse and keyboard platform after a year. An example can be Death Stranding, but looking to the past we also see Detroit Become Human and the God of War reboot.

Another thesis that suggests the hypothetical arrival of the game on PC is the use presence in the huge leak of months ago concerning NVIDIA GeForce NOW. A lot of the titles that actually came out were on that list, like the remastered of the three GTAs and the aforementioned God of War.

Returnal was released on PlayStation 5 last April and is the largest and most ambitious project of the Finnish software house, given that it has always focused on 2D arcade games such as Super Stardust HD and Resogun. While the new IP was born after the development house was acquired by Sony.

For now, nothing is confirmed yet, but it looks like PlayStation is really thinking about using the exclusives only for a limited time. Just like Ghostwire Tokyo, although this title is currently only available on PC and PlayStation 5.

Fonte: SteamDB
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