Rocket League: when will the Batmobile of the new film arrive?

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In the last few hours, the site and the official profiles of Rocket League revealed a crackling arrival for the game's car park - we're talking about the Batmobile dedicated to the new film The Batman, arriving in cinemas these days.

This is not the first collaboration of the game with the iconic cars of the world of cinema (and not only), as, for example, it also happened recently with the event dedicated to Stranger Things in Hallowheen, or with the dozens of cars dedicated to the various franchises. , like the Ecto-1 from Ghostbusters, the cars from the Fast & Furious series, the De Lorean from Back to the Future and many more.

La Batmobile of The Batman movie, will be available for purchase in the coming week from the 2 9 March 2022, so anyone who wants to add it to their collection will have to hurry. On the cover of the article we propose the presentation trailer of the jewel.

The car, however, will not be the only thing you can show off, since according to the announcement, the "Batman Bundle"Purchasable with credits in game (1100) will include in addition to the mere model of the machine also other accessories, such as theengine audio, a finish in color opaque black, the tyres and more related to this 2022 version of the Batmobile. Last but not least, you can also show off a brand new one goal animation on topic!

In addition, a new one is also on the way event dedicated to the game, always in crossover with The Batman, which will put in front of the players all the worst that Gotham City is able to offer, in full Rocket League style, and what better way to do it than sitting comfortably on the new Batmobile?

This is not the first appearance of the Batmobile in Rocket League, so if you already have the "old" version, you can't miss this one either, to show off a respectable collection.

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