Ryan Karazija, frontman of the group that contributed to the Death Stranding soundtrack, is dead

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The leader and founder of the Low Roar group, Ryan Karazija, he died at the age of 40. The causes of death are still unknown, also because the band announced the death of the frontman, with a very touching statement published on their social networks:

Ryan Karazija (1982 – 2022)

Ryan Karazija, front man and driving force of Low Roar, has died at the age of 40.

His beautiful music and lyrics, sung in his mellow voice, have touched the lives of so many people around the world and will continue to do so.

He was a kind and beautiful soul and our worlds are upset by his loss. We can honor his memory through his art and remember him forever in his songs.

The sixth Low Roar album was already underway and will be completed and released when ready. Please respect your family's privacy in this incredibly difficult time.

The Low Roar group, established itself globally thanks to the soundtrack designed for the famous 2019 video game Death Stranding. It can be said that to discover them was the incredible Hideo Kojima, who passing through a music shop in Reykjavík was struck by the sound of the group.


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Frontman Ryan Karazija was born in Santa Clara in the United States and initially founded the first indie rock band in 2002 Audrye Sessions. The singer then decided to move to Iceland, precisely in Reykjavík, giving life to the Low Roar project. The band released an album titled with the group name in 2011, while the last album was released in 2021 titled Maybe tomorrow.

The international fortune of the group is closely linked to the publication of Death Stranding, which brought them to the attention of the general public, unfortunately we do not yet know if the band will continue even having lost its frontman and founder. We can only join, in the grief of family and friends, who are coping with this dire loss.


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