Ryse 2, Crytek could be working on the sequel

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Thanks to a controversial tweet published by the Crytek software house, a bet on the team's possible new productions began online and among these the possibility of seeing a sequel to Ryse: Son of Rome.

The latter video game had the daunting task of releasing among the first titles exclusively on Xbox Series S and Series X, without ever getting to convince the critics and perhaps not even the players. Most likely the fault was also Microsoft, which during the launch of its new generation of consoles got into a lot of confusion and also because a scandal came out, in which it emerged that he was paying some newspapers to improve the results of the title's reviews.

Despite everything after some time Ryse: Sons of Rome managed to carve out its small niche among Xbox gamers, even becoming a cult title, convincing even the most reluctant to change. Crytek, however, has brought back the future of the franchise, because on Twitter it has opened up various job opportunities, using Ryse as accompanying graphics.

2023 is almost here! 🎉

A brand-new challenge awaits you for the New Year.

Crytek is hiring in almost every department, and with our Global Work-from-Home program, it’s never been easier to join our amazing family. 🌎

Find all our open positions at: https://t.co/0PNf7IV8S6 pic.twitter.com/dWZb1FY55d

— Crytek (@Crytek) December 22, 2022

We currently don't know if the company is just making fun of the franchise or really the time has come to get to work producing a Ryse 2, which in all probability would arrive during the next 2024. We just have to wait for official news about it.

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