Saints Row: let's discover the personalization system

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Saints Row approaches with each passing day: the particularly freaked out game of Volition prepares to arrive on August 23, 2022, but before doing so it leads us to discover the customization system regarding the character that the gamer will use, his vehicles, his weapons and his headquarters.

All this was shown with a showcase that detailed every single aspect, remaining light and fun but showing to all intents and purposes an inclusive and profound system, capable of satisfying every Saints Row player, be it passionate about customization or a novice. who just wants look for the most beautiful "skin" to wear.

Create your boss

From the point of view aesthetic, your character can be customized in every detail: you can then change his hair, eyebrows, even his teeth. Every single detail will be customizable by offering a truly in-depth character editor. In practice, this will allow gamers to have an avatar modified in every millimeter, with the possibility of giving your boss even artificial arms or legs, a look at the limit of the supernatural or a classic look of a typical criminal boss.

From what it seems, the character will be modifiable at any time during your game, and to help you choose the preset sets or the proposals of the community, which will be able to share their own style in any time. The depth of the editor also becomes a sign of inclusiveness since the system will allow you to modify every part of the body by varying between a disproportionate selection of hair and aspects, opting if you want also for asymmetrical areas. The customization in Saints Row then continues between tattoos, shaders to be applied to the character (even on the skin) and clothes, which can give style to your boss. Remaining ironic, there will be some rather funny details such as a bricklayer tan, complete with a t-shirt sign.

Drive your vehicle

The changes don't stay with the character, they come with yours as well vehicles. You can then add pieces to your car, propose a car adapted to your style - be it a sporty classic or something more crazy - so you can drive it on the streets. You will also have special gadgets such as ejection seats, rockets and everything else you might have in mind in your dream car.

There will also be gods for vehicles preset, but once you have taken a vehicle, you can opt to modify every part of it, from the paint (even in that case among the most classic to the strangest) to the components of the car, even the roof, the tires and the sound of the engine, transmission and horn. Finally, you will have the opportunity to arrange everything so as to have any useful accessories to defeat the enemies or the police.

Weapons and more

Weapons can also be customized, allowing the player to change the appearance, the style and also the shape, focusing on rather particular things like a missile launcher hidden inside a guitar holder. Furthermore, by leveling up, it will also be possible to customize your base, so as to be able to place statues and aesthetics capable of transforming the starting location into the one of dreams. Among the various weapon skins there will be some funnier than others, such as the umbrella submachine gun or gloves with concealed gun.

For the HQ, on the other hand, you will have an area that will allow you to do things that you could already do at any time (such as taking your car or changing your clothes), and also the headquarters itself will be modifiable, so that you can allow yourself to have a place where your henchmen will have to respect the dress code you have chosen.

Despite being dedicated to the Customization, this showcase also revealed new details on planned missions: in the second floor of your HQ you can manage missions and choose what to build within the game map, in order to allow you to choose where and how to expand.

The video then closed with the information related to these customization tools: they will in fact be available before the game's release, on August 23, so as to give you the opportunity to create your boss in advance of Saints' debut. Row and then launch into the fray immediately as soon as the work is finally released.

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