Saints Row: The character editor is available, details from the Summer Game Fest

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During Geoff Keighley's Summer Game Fest there was no way to talk about Saints Row, a title by Voalition that now receives a preview of the character editor and is shown in a new trailer.

Fortunately, the new Summer Game Fest also had space to talk about the new Saints Row, a particularly awaited title that has been talked about for some time now. In this case we are dealing with a real rebirth for the series that has been famous for years, which will be able to return to the market in a very short time thanks to the Voalition developer.

This is the usual hectic experience and to be taken little seriously, for this reason it is able to entertain and entertain users for many hours, allowing them to have to deal with firefights in scenarios larger than ever, jumping from one part to the other to the sound of explosions.

In this chapter, ready to adapt to the new video game market with decidedly renewed graphics and mechanics, Saints Row is designed to offer a particularly superlative experience as far as personalization is concerned, as we have had the opportunity to deepen some time behind in the course of our article on the issue, which you can find at this link.

Waiting for the debut of the new game, which fortunately won't be long before reaching the shelves, we take the opportunity to send you back to our preview of Saints Row in which we talked about everything we know and the possible potential of the experience. Find it all here.

All that remains is to hope that the big postponement with which Saints Row had to deal with has had the opportunity to improve the experience from all points of view, thus allowing it to be appreciated to the fullest thanks to the additional months of development that the developers have granted.

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