Santa Monica thinks about the future after God of War

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Although God of War Ragnarok has only been out for a few days, Sony Santa Monica it certainly doesn't seem to want to stop. In an interview given to Los Angeles Times, the creative director of the studio Cory Balrog, said the staff of Santa Monica is focusing on several new projects. It is not clear at the moment what this refers to Balrog, who didn't miss any details. Santa Monica has an external development team working on third-party titles, and some of the previously mentioned projects could be among them.

It must also be said that Santa Monica has over 200 employees, most of whom have been employed in the development of God of war ragnarok, the long-awaited second chapter of the Norse saga of Kratos, released on November 9th. Having only passed a week, it is unthinkable that the Software House is already ready to announce to the public which projects it is working on.

It could also be that despite Sony Santa Monica has stated that God of war ragnarok is the latest in the saga, the developers intend to work on a new chapter in the Norse series, a sequel to Ragnarok, which was a huge success at launch, beating even the fiercest competitors.

Source: Los Angeles Times Via: IGN
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