Shadow Man Remastered: unveiled the release date on Xbox One?

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According to what appeared directly on Microsoft's official website, Shadow Man Remastered, the updated version of the classic released in 1999, may soon also arrive on Xbox One, along with the PlayStation 4 and Switch versions. The announcement of the arrival on the console had already been given in March last year, without however naming the console from Microsoft.

A version for the Xbox console had already been talked about in March last year, without, however, a precise date of availability of the game, which instead will arrive tomorrow 13 January on PlayStation 4 and next 17 January on Nintendo Switch. However, as also reported by the VGC website, an official page of the game has appeared directly within the Microsoft store.

According to what is reported by the official page, still available, the title should also arrive on Xbox One tomorrow 13 January, so as to come out together with the version already announced for PlayStation 4. However, the conditional is a must, as Nightdive Studios, the developers of this remastered, have not yet released an official statement.

On the official page directly on the Microsoft store you can also read that the title will be in the Xbox One version, therefore without having a specific version for the next generation console. However, you will be able to take advantage of the best available on the Xbox One X console, such as 4K resolution.

The title was already released last year on PC, of ​​which you can read our review here, marking the return of one of the most famous and remembered titles released in 1999, initially released on Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, PlayStation and PC. The same development studio had then released a new version in 2014 always on the computer, and then announced a remastered.

According to what is reported in the official description available on the Microsoft store, Shadow Man Remastered on Xbox One will have the same secrets included in the original version plus many more to discover, which will make the gameplay even more intriguing.

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